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I want to say that I do not have much stress. However, that is a total lie. Dealing with my son’s tantrums, potty training stress, falling sick, and never-ending housework has made my heart rate go faster, and my smart watch warns me of high-stress levels.

I know that stress is a biological response in the body to an external stimulus in the environment, so we cannot avoid it. Too much stress can lead to serious health consequences like heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Knowing all these makes me more stressed, so I decided to try different methods of relieving stress.

I tried many things as friends, family, and even the online community suggested. There is one activity that surprised me the most: Playing Online Games.

Before this, I used to play online games to pass the time. Since I am preoccupied with three sons and housework nowadays, I have stopped playing online games. Thanks to the recommendation, I start to play online games again, and by doing that, my stress level has significantly reduced. And I realized that playing online games gives you an escape from the real world and allows you to be in control of what you are doing. It also helps to improve mood and sleep patterns.


After trying many online games, I still prefer solitaire as I can use some brain energy only and get a great sense of satisfaction when I win the game. I bumped into this website that offers different types of solitaires, and it intrigued me. Guilty of playing that for a few hours (not so guilty as it helps to de-stress), I  explored all the solitaires. It has so many types nowadays. It is enjoyable, and I even got my son to play with me, so gaining some quality family time here.

solitaire types

After letting my son play solitaire, he shows some unexpected benefits. He appears to have a more calm mind. His mental math also improves. He used to be very competitive and would throw tantrums if he lost. However, it seems that playing solitaire helps him to have a positive competition mindset. Well, he cannot cheat the computer. He is competing with himself (or the computer), and there is no external pressure for him to win.

As for myself, solitaire gives my mind something to focus on, so it helps my anxiety. It relaxes my mind as well, something like my mind before meditation. I am more patient and have also learned to develop a strategy.

Match Three Games


On the same website, Match 3 games caught my eye. It is fun and addictive.

match 3 game

Match 3 games here have clear instructions. It also has set moves, so I won’t be indulged in it for too long until I forget to cook dinner for my family.

instruction for match 3 game

And best of all, my sons love it. It appears to develop problem-solving abilities for him. Well, that is understandable as the focus of this game is to analyze and solve the challenges. So now my sons are trying hard to earn their screen time to play online games.


After playing online games for some time, my stress level is lower. Best of all, because it is a family activity now, it helps our family to relieve stress and anxiety. Our family has less tension, more laughter, and even more communication. Give it a try if you can!




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